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College, High School & U-8 to U-13 Players

High level and highly intense training sessions for college, high school, & U-8 to U-13 players preparing for the spring & summer season!!!!

Locations & Directions: Middle Valley Soccer Complex, Sports Barn, & All-Saints Academy Gym Click for Middle Valley Directions, Click for All-Saint Directions, Click for Sports Barn Directions

The training dates and times will be set from week to week, so please check the website weekly for updates or go to wabango.com/krisray
If they have not been updated please feel free to contact me by phone or email. Please pass this information on to members of your team, club, school, and friends. The locations may change due to weather, so please check the Elite Soccer Training website on the day of each training session. It is very important that you check the website each day for any changes. http://elitesoccertraining.blogspot.com/

$65 for 8 sessions or $10 per session

These group sessions are a very economical way for players to be introduced to the Elite Soccer Training Program, plus it combines elements of the game (possession, combination play, team tactics) that are not always covered during a individual or small group session.

$10 per player

Please bring a ball or two with you to all the training sessions.

Elite Soccer Training
Kris Ray

If your interested in setting up a individual or small group session for this weekend please give me a call. If you have a team or have a group of players (4 or more players) from a certain age group I am more than willing to hold a group session. For more information please check the Elite Soccer Training website.
I would like to say thank you to all the teams that have been training with Elite Soccer Training over the last few months. I really enjoyed working with all the teams!!

VERY IMPORTANT:I am a neutral training entity and provide programs for individuals, small groups, clubs, and teams looking for additional training. I encourage players to play for their local recreational and competitive teams. This is advanced supplemental training. Not to be confused with a USYSA competitive program. Players are encouraged to participate in this program either concurrent with their USYSA team season, afterwards, or when their schedule permits. It is not a requirement or mandatory to play USYSA, but encouraged for additional gameplay and field experience. Obviously, more dedicated participants will receive the most growth and experience from the training. From this program, let it be known that collegiate, regional and national players are fostered. The sessions are for any Chattanooga area player interested. This is an Elite Soccer Training event and is not associated with any Tennessee or Georgia State Association Club. This is not a tryout or will be held as a recruiting tool for any association nor is it encourage. This a educational soccer experience for all area soccer players.

Please pass this information on to anyone that maybe interested in training or have them contact me at Kris4futbol@aol.com. If planning on attending please send me an email ASAP, so that I will have an idea how many maybe attending. The information will also be posted on the Elite Soccer Training website.